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Walk down the Priestess Path ~ 1st Quarter Virgo Moon

1st Quarter Virgo Moon happens on May 21, 2018 at 8:49 PM PST/11:49 PM EST initiating  a new lunar phase to break through old patterns to help you GROW! This healing Moon sets loose lightning bolts! The two lightning YOD bolts from Venus in Cancer are still in play. Now a Hand of the Goddess points to the Virgo Moon to heal the future when you choose to walk the Priestess Path! Free your mind and the rest will follow! The 1st Quarter Virgo Moon is call the  “Counting Moon”. As the energetics of this lunar phase are about breaking through the old mental debris so you can realize your Taurus New Moon intentions, the Counting Moon tempts you with criticism and “Analysis paralysis” syndrome! Perfectionism and an exactitude attitude will drive you to drink this week. Lean on Taurus energy to slow down your mind…

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