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Sagittarius New Moon Aligns You with Laniakea ~ “Immeasurable Heavens”!

New Moon in Sagittarius at 15 degrees on December 6, 2018 at 11:20 PM PST/9:20 PM HST; 12/07/18 at 2:20 AM EST/7:20 AM UK   The Winds of Change are here! The New Moon in Sagittarius activates your Spirit Journey to a new level … all the way to the Supercluster center of the Multiverse ~ Laniakea!! Jupiter, King of Good Fortune, infuses this mid-point New Moon with his lucky “6” degrees of expansion and abundance. The number “6” is the Lovers card in the Tarot and brings the energy of integration and balance between dual forces. The┬ámidpoint is the center between any two points. This center point is the meeting of planetary energies that becomes active through the process of growth, relating to the passage of time. Having the New Moon degree at the midpoint of Sagittarius gives you a massive gift of growth…

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