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7 Day Virgo Dream Moon Challenge + Giveaway!

Virgo Dream Moon Challenge Giveaway:  September 16-24, 2018 For the 1st Quarter lunar week (09/16-24/18) Lunar Ladies is presenting you with a 7-day Dream Moon challenge! Woohoo! Using your free gifts ~ Dream Journal and the Virgo MoonDial ~ take on the challenge to learn about your Natal Moon and the power of your dreams!  Using the hashtag #VirgoDreamMoonChallenge you can share your dreams and “aha’s” via social media and a winner be chose on the upcoming Aries Full Moon to will get a Dream Moon Makeover Intuitive reading with Shannon. Isn’t that awesome?!     Dreams are the Language of the Moon: Dreams reveal how to nurture and know how your Inner Child feels. Dreams connect you to your unconscious beliefs and Soul memories. Dream awareness dives deeper into Intimacy and your ability to trust yourself and others.   7 Day Dream Moon Challenge:  Guidelines The Challenge:  Record…

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