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Rediscover your Shining Path: From Darkness to Illumination

Living in tune with your authentic nature aligns you with your Shining Path. The modern world can easily separate you from the mysteries of the Cosmos. Reconnect to your Soul’s Shining Path and your Starseed Soul Purpose to live your wildest dreams. 

Are you ready? Start here!

Your Star Priestess Guide:

Hi, I’m Shannon! My favorite thing to do is read my clients’ Astrology charts. I love it! Natal astrology birth charts reveal so much about who you are, where you have come from, and why you are here now. Find out what your Natal Chart reveals!

The ultimate objective is to be reborn a Star and to shed *LIGHT*, beneficence, innocence, and Wisdom throughout the Universe. All gods want to be Stars. ~ Thoth

Realize your Soul-inspired life today.

I’ll help you harness your true divine power and innate sacred rhythms.

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