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Full Moon in Virgo ~ “Weaver Goddess Moon”

Full Virgo “Weaver’s Moon” at 8 degrees on February 27, 2021, at 12:17 AM PST/1:17 AM MST/2:17 AM CST/3:17 AM EST The Full Moon brightens the midnight canopy to celebrate the Great Weaver in the sky! Venus shines her light towards the Full Moon as she moves closer to the Sun. This is a powerful Venus-inspired Full Moon! Experience breakthroughs of old subconscious patterns when you join the Inner Circle!  The Virgo Full Moon expands and brings into fruition your Aquarius New Moon intentions. But first, let’s look back six months to the Virgo New Moon of 2020. How have you purified your power since then? This energy in your life is rising now! During this Full Moon, Venus joins the Sun while Vesta joins the Moon to create an octave of a very powerful Weaver. Venus brings ancient energy to help you stand firm and…

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