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Mandala Mind Maps ~ 1st Quarter Counting Moon in Virgo Repeats

The 1st Quarter Moon in Virgo is a “Re-do Moon”! The Super New Moon in this Gemini Lunar Cycle gives you a second chance at a Karmic Dance with a repeat of the Counting Moon from May 19, 2018. Your Inner Priestess began her Path during that time. Where do you find yourself now, and what breakthroughs do you feel coming next? Also, during this phase, Mandalas are providing you a Mind-Map to help concentrate your energies so that you can break through your next set of old, outdated blocks! As a review, 1st Quarter Moon energetics help you with breaking through old, stuck patterns and the negative self-sabotage from subconscious blocks. The waxing (building) Moon forms a 90 degree angle, or square, to the Sun. This angle creates a buildup of Universal Qi (vital life force), and the resulting “tension” forces change in the…

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